Jue Ming Zi – Cassia seed – Fetid Cassia seed – “Seeds of Realized Brightness”

Nature: sweet, bitter, slightly cold

Enters: Liver, Large Intestine, Kidney

Actions: Clears liver heat; expels wind-heat; promotes vision; moistens the large intestine, promotes bowel movement.

• Liver heat or liver channel wind-heat: red, swollen, itchy, painful eyes with photophobia and increased tearing. Especially useful when liver heat is accompanied by constipation.
• Heat or dryness in the large intestine (especially from liver Yin deficiency): constipation.
• Used to prevent atherosclerosis: lowers blood pressure and serum cholesterol.
• Hypercholesterolemia: in one study of 100 patients (mean value 246.9 mg%, and as high as 484) given Jue ming zi decoction, 85% had normal values within 2 weeks. 98% were normal within 4 weeks. However, the value of total serum cholesterol as a measure of morbidity/mortality is questionable.
• Can counteract the constipating effects of some other herbs in this category (such as Mu li).
• Compared to Ju hua, Jue ming zi is better at clearing liver fire and benefiting the kidneys; Ju hua more effectively pacifies the liver and disperses wind-heat.
• Dry fried: tonifies the liver and is used for eye problems due to liver and kidney deficiency.
• Antibiotic effect.
• Bensky/Gamble classifies with herbs that drain fire.
• Bensky/Gamble: Do not use with Huo ma ren; not recommended when there is diarrhea or hypotension.
MLT: Pan roast and powder, and use as a coffee substitute for hypertension.

Dose: 9-15g (up to 30g alone)

One comment on “Jue Ming Zi – Cassia seed – Fetid Cassia seed – “Seeds of Realized Brightness”

  1. Ibrahim Suleiman says:

    A very interesting and educative article.There is cassia tora in abundance in my area [Kano,Nigeria] but ignorant of its use, l went for a laser eye surgery on my right eye which still didn’t solve my diminished vision. Can you kindly explain to me how I can use the wonder herb to protect the left eye from diminishing as well, it has already started. Thank You.

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