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  1. Thanks for this online reference!

  2. Dear Dr. Borten

    I found your websites by sheer coincidence. I just ordered two 1 oz. bottles of Weight Loss Support because I liked what you wrote that in part reads “…theory is that excess body fat is an expression of dampness or phlegm,…”. I went to an acupuncturist who said that my lungs are full of water, and gave me the formula Trichosanthes,Bakeri & Pinella. I hope you formula helps a litle, I need to get rid of 100 lbs. of dampness and phlegm.
    Thank you!

    • Peter Borten says:

      Hello Edward, sorry for not replying more promptly. I don’t expect to receive personal comments on this page & don’t check it often. I hope you’ve gotten some benefit from the formulas. Meanwhile, I’d recommend reducing your consumption of sugars, cold food and drink, raw produce, and dairy products, as these can contribute to dampness.
      be well,

  3. Teresa says:

    Need a Chinese herbal formula for the following symptoms: (1/2) Good morning 🙂 thank you getting me some herbs. This the list of symptoms
    Bad headaches
    Low energy
    Cant sleep
    Hot flashes
    Pain in on my overies
    Joint pain on my knees
    Dam i need an overhaul :)thank you 🙂

    • Peter Borten says:

      Teresa, you need to see someone in person, or at least have someone do a thorough intake. We don’t make diagnoses based solely on a list of symptoms. Also I don’t offer free medical consultations, sorry.

  4. Tracy Abbas says:

    I neeed a formula made for me, Here are the herbs needed (These herbs in Blissful Jing For Him are Suo Yang, Yin Yang Huo, Bu Gu Zhi, Shan Zho Yu) PLEASE I need this or the seperate herbs, canyou supply ?

  5. PhillipPex says:

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