Single Herbs

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Acrid Cool Herbs That Release the Exterior

Acrid Warm Herbs That Release the Exterior

Aggressively Purge Accumulation

Aromatically Transform Dampness


Build Blood

Build Qi

Build Yang

Build Yin

Calm the Fetus and Prevent Miscarriage

Clear Deficiency Heat

Clear Heat and Cool the Blood

Clear Heat and Dry Dampness

Clear Heat and Reduce Fire

Clear Heat and Toxicity

Clear Summer-Heat

Common OB/GYN Formulas

Dispel Wind-Dampness

Drain Dampness

Free Constrained Liver Qi

Generate Body Fluids and Moisten the Lungs

Kill and Discharge Parasites

Nourish and Support Jing

Open the Orifices and Resuscitate

Promote Blood Circulation and Dispel Stasis

Promote Bowel Movement By Moistening

Promote Digestion & Relieve Food Stagnation

Promote Qi Circulation

Purge Accumulation & Stagnation Through the Bowels

Quiet the Shen

Resolve Phlegm

Stabilize the Kidneys

Stop Bleeding

Stop Coughing and Relieve Wheezing

Subdue Liver Yang and Extinguish Liver Wind

Topical Herbs

Warm the Interior


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