Herbs That Clear Summer Heat

I learned single herbs from Guohui Liu, who didn’t emphasize this as a unique category. Most of the herbs that clear summer-heat have other significant functions and may be assigned to these categories instead. Summer-heat attack, depending on where one lives, may be quite rare. Following is a list of herbs that clear summer heat which can be found in other categories in this book and also full descriptions of a few herbs that clear summer-heat as (perhaps) their most significant action.

• Bai bian dou (Qi Tonic)

• Che qian zi – treats diarrhea due to summer-heat (Herb that Drains Dampness)

• Dong gua pi – treats edema due to summer-heat (Herb that Drains Dampness)

• Hua shi (Herb that Drains Dampness)

• Huo xiang (Aromatic Herb that Transforms Dampness)

• Ju hua (Acrid, Cool Herb that Releases the Exterior)

• Lian fang (Herb that Stops Bleeding)

• Pei lan (Aromatic Herb that Transforms Dampness)

• Qing hao (Herb that Clears Deficiency Heat)

• Ren shen ye – see Ren shen section (Qi Tonic)

• Tai zi shen – treats unrelenting summer-heat in children (Qi Tonic)

• Xiang ru (Acrid, Warm Herb that Releases the Exterior)

Herbs That Clear Summer-Heat as Their Prevailing Action:

He Ye – Lotus leafNelumbo nucifera Particularly suited for treating diarrhea due to summer-heat. Also frequently used to promote weight loss.
(Da) Dou Juan – Soybean sprout  • Sweet, acrid.
• Clears heat; drains dampness; clears summer-heat.
• Early stages of summer-heat or warm-febrile diseases, especially those with joint pain, sensation of heaviness, minimal swelling, and a greasy tongue coating due to the presence of dampness.
• Bensky/Gamble classifies with herbs that clear summer-heat.
MLT: Sprouted form is used for rheumatic conditions, edema, swelling of the whole body and knees.
Lu Dou – Mung BeanPhaseolus Particularly suited for treating thirst due to summer-heat. Also used to detoxify toxic herbs and for overdose of toxic herbs.
Xi Gua – Watermelon fruit Particularly suited for treating thirst and scanty urine due to summer-heat. The white part (“watermelon frost” is coldest).