Jiang Can – (Bai Jiang Can) – Silkworm (Bombyx) infected with Beauveria bassiana

Nature: salty, acrid, neutral

Enters: Liver, Lung

Actions: Eliminates external wind, eases itching and relieves pain; extinguishes liver wind, relieves spasms and convulsions; resolves phlegm, dissipates nodules; clears heat, dissipates stagnant heat.

• Wind: skin eruption with itching.
• Liver wind or wind-phlegm-heat: convulsions, facial paralysis, deviation of the mouth and eyes in wind-stroke, seizures.
• Liver heat or attack of the liver channel by wind-heat: headache, red eyes, sore, swollen throat, loss of voice.
• Stagnant heat: carbuncles, sore throat, toothache.
• Phlegm accumulation: lumps, scrofula, nodules.
• Use raw for dispersing wind-heat, otherwise dry fry.
• Compared to Wu gong and Quan xie in the treatment of wind and spasms, Jiang can is most appropriate for those due to phlegm-heat.
• Pound before cooking.
Hsu: Hypnotic, antispasmodic, stimulates adrenal cortex.
Dose: 3-9g (0.9-1.5g as powder or pill)

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