Yu Xing Cao – Houttuynia – “Fishy-Smelling Herb”

Nature: acrid, slightly cold

Enters: Lung, Large Intestine

Actions: Drains pus; clears heat; eliminates toxicity; reduces swelling and abscesses; drains damp-heat, promotes urination.

• Heat and toxicity in the Lungs: cough with sticky sputum, including extreme Lung phlegm-heat with green phlegm or Lung abscess with pus and blood. A key herb for Lung abscess. Also for bacterial pneumonia, COPD, bronchitis.
• Damp-heat: painful, burning urination, colitis, diarrhea.
• Heat and toxicity: carbuncles, sores, pus. Used internally or topically.
• Topical: for skin problems, especially herpes.
• Cook with sesame oil and soy sauce and eat to promote digestion, improve the appetite.
• Antimicrobial.
• Should not be cooked long.
MLT: Good for treating the adverse effects of tobacco addiction. Use in a formula with Ren shen, Sang bai pi, Gua lou, Jie geng: take two 00 capsules of this powdered mixture every 1-2 hours to lessen cravings, and support detoxification. Lower the dose after 3-4 days.
Hsu: Strengthens capillary walls; antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, diuretic.

Dose: 15-60g

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