Qing Xiang Zi – Celosia seed

Nature: bitter, slightly cold

Enters: Liver

Actions: Reduces liver fire to improve the vision and remove nebulas; clears wind-heat.

• Liver fire or wind-heat affecting the eyes: red, swollen, painful eyes, poor vision, superficial visual obstruction, cataracts.
• Lowers blood pressure: recently used for hypertension associated with liver Yang rising. In one study with cases of 160-230 mm Hg systolic and 100-135 diastolic, blood pressure was reduced to 125-145 over 78-90 after one month of treatment with Qing xiang zi.
• Dilates the pupils.
• Not for liver and kidney Yin deficiency or glaucoma.
Hsu: Antiphlogistic; dilates the pupils.

Dose: 3-15g

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