Notes on This Category

• For wind-heat, herbs from this category are often combined with herbs to clear heat-toxicity, since toxicity commonly results when heat is extreme.
• “Liang E Bing Fu“: Too many acrid, cool herbs will simply suppress wind-heat. They freeze the surface and wind-heat cannot leave the body. Add one or two acrid, warm herbs to formulas for wind-heat (i.e. 80% cool herbs, 20% warm herbs).
• Use caution when there is profuse sweating or injury of body fluids, and with patients with carbuncles, boils, urinary tract infection, or a history of heavy bleeding.
• Since the dispersing effect of some of the more aromatic herbs in this category is dependent on their volatile oils, they are often decocted only for a short time, or they are just infused (not exposed to a heat source, simply allowed to steep in water that has been brought to a boil).

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