Hu Tao Ren – Hu Tao Rou – Walnut (nut) – “Barbarian Peach Pit”

Nature: sweet, warm

Enters: Kidney, Large Intestine, Lung

Actions: Tonifies kidney Qi, strengthens the back and knees; warms the Lungs, tonifies Lung Qi; helps the kidneys grasp the Lung Qi; moistens the large intestine, unblocks the bowels.

• Kidney Yang deficiency: weak, cold, painful lumbar region, feet, knees, frequent urination.
• Lung cold and Qi deficiency: cough, asthma.
• Lung and kidney deficiency: wheezing.
• Large intestine dryness: constipation, especially in the elderly or that from injured fluids following a febrile disease.
• Also used to dissolve/expel urinary stones.
• Use as a paste for contact, seborrheic, and atopic dermatitis.
• Its function to tonify Yang is very mild.
• The skin of the nutmeat is astringent. Eat this in order to help the kidneys grasp the Lung Qi. To promote bowel movement, remove this skin.
Jin: Eat in pregnancy for constipation. Also helps the baby’s brain develop.
DY: Invigorates Yang; calms or levels asthma; warms and supplements the life gate.
• With Bu gu zhi to supplement metal and water, to effectively constrain the Lung Qi and promote the intake of Qi by the kidneys, stop cough, and calm asthma. For the following indications, salt-processed Bu gu zhi should be used:
– 1. Cough, dyspnea, and asthma due to kidney Yang deficiency.
– 2. Lumbago, impotence, seminal emission, constipation, frequent and abundant urination, and enuresis due to kidney Qi deficiency.

Dose: 9-30g (eaten)

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