Zhu Li – Dried Bamboo Sap

Nature: sweet, very cold

Enters: Heart, Lung, Stomach

Actions: Clears heat, transforms phlegm, penetrates to and unblocks the channels; transforms phlegm-heat, stops coughing.

• Phlegm obstructing sensory (heart) orifices: fainting, paralysis of the hands or feet, hemiplegia, coma.
• Phlegm-heat: Cough. Used in small doses as powerful adjunct herb.
• Channel obstruction: spasms of the extremities.
• Take directly. May be mixed with ginger juice to offset its cold nature (as when used in a large dose for coma).
• Compared to Tian zhu huang, Zhu li is extremely cold and slippery in nature, and therefore is very effective in clearing heat and moistening excessive dryness.

Dose: 30-90g (9-15g for cough)

MLT: Important in the preparation of Sito Paladi Churna (Ayurvedic cold/cough remedy):
• Take 8 parts Zhu li, 16 parts raw brown sugar, 1 part cinnamon (Rou gui), 4 parts black pepper (Hu jiao), 2 parts cardamom (Sha ren).
• Grind into a powder.
• Take 1 teaspoon at a time with warm water or milk.
• Strongly warming, clears mucus, helps digestion.

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