Shou Wu Teng (Ye Jiao Teng) Polygonum multiflorum vine (aerial portion of He Shou Wu) – “Vine to Pass Through the Night”

Nature: sweet, slightly bitter, neutral

Enters: Heart, Liver

Actions: Nourishes the heart and blood; unblocks the channels; quiets the Shen; alleviates itching.

• Yin or blood deficiency: insomnia, irritability, and especially dream-disturbed sleep
• Blood deficiency (with channel blockage): general weakness, soreness, pain, numbness.
• Topical: use as a wash for itching and rashes.
• I have found it unusually effective, even as a single herb, for insomnia.
MLT: Sore, aching, tired limbs from blood deficiency with internal wind.

Dose: 9-30g

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