Yuan Zhi – Polygala root – Chinese Senega – “Profound Will” or “Long-term Memory”

Nature: acrid, salty, slightly warm

Enters: Lung, Heart, maybe Kidney

Actions: Quiets the Shen; relieves mental stress; resolves phlegm; opens the orifices of the heart; disperses swelling; reduces abscesses; improves the memory; supports the Jing; disperses stagnant heart Qi, helps the heart and kidney communicate.

• Insomnia, palpitations, disorientation, poor memory, mental stress, restlessness, especially with brooding or constrained, pent-up emotions.
• Blockage of orifices of the heart by phlegm: mental disorders, fuzzy- headedness, epilepsy, emotional and mental disorientation.
• Lung phlegm: cough with copious sputum, especially when difficult to expectorate.
• Carbuncles, boils, abscesses, sores, swollen and painful breasts: (uncommon use) – used in powdered form and applied topically or taken with wine.
• Stimulates animal uteri.
• Excessive amounts can cause nausea and vomiting.
• Caution with peptic ulcer, gastritis.
Li Shi Zhen: This herb reaches the kidneys, improves the memory, supports the Jing.
Li: Warm and drying – caution with Yin deficiency.
DY: Use honey-fried or licorice-processed to avoid irritation to gastric mucous membranes and nausea.
MLT: Similar to various Western species, including Western Senega Snake root.

Dose: 6-9g

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