Shi Jun Zi – Rangoon Creeper fruit with seeds – Quisqualis – “Envoy Seeds”

Nature: sweet, warm

Enters: Stomach, Spleen

Actions: Kills parasites (particularly roundworms); eliminates food retention; strengthens the spleen; dissolves accumulations.


• Roundworms or malnutrition in children due to improper diet, weak constitution: abdominal distention, poor appetite. If roundworms are severe, this herb can be combined with Bing lang.
• Common side effects: nausea, vomiting, belching
• To reduce the herb’s toxicity, dry fry it until it is aromatic.
• Traditionally, this herb is not to be taken with hot tea (may lead to diarrhea and belching).
• Sources differ on dosage guidelines:
Liu: One piece per day for no more than 20 days (may discontinue for a week and then resume administration).
Bensky and Gamble: 1 piece per year of age, per day, not to exceed 20 pieces per day.
Li: No more than 12 pieces per day.

Dose: 4.5-12g

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    How do I purchase these seeds? Thanks!

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