Sang Ye – White Mulberry leaf – Morus alba

Nature: acrid, sweet, bitter, cold

Enters: Lung, Liver

Actions: Disperses wind and clears heat from the Lungs; clears heat from the liver to promote vision; cools the blood, stops bleeding (charred).

• Wind-heat: cough, headache, fever, swollen and painful throat.
• Lung dryness: cough and dry mouth.
• Lung heat: thick and yellow sputum.
• Lung yin deficiency: night sweats, feeling hot at night.
• Liver channel heat (full or deficient) or liver wind-heat: red, dry, painful eyes, excessive tearing, spots in front of the eyes (for liver heat, empowers metal to control wood).
• Heat in the blood: mild cases of hematemesis.
• May lower blood sugar.
• Stronger than Ju hua to disperse wind-heat, but weaker to clear liver fire.
• Fry with honey (honey:herb::1:10) to moisten the Lungs for invasion of dryness and treat coughing.
• Doctrine of signatures: (supposedly) looks like a lung.
• Grows in the spring and contains the energy of spring.
• Can be used as an external wash for eye problems.
• This is the food of the silkworm.

Dose: 4.5-15g

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