Bai Mao Gen – Imperata rhizome – Woolly grass – White grass

Nature: sweet, cold

Enters: Lung, Stomach, Bladder, Large Intestine

Actions: Cools the blood; stops bleeding; clears heat; promotes urination.

• Damp-heat: painful urination, edema, jaundice, urinary difficulty.
• Heat in the blood: hemoptysis, hematuria, hemafecia, epistaxis, uterine bleeding.
• Stomach heat: nausea, thirst.
• Lung heat: wheezing.
• Acute nephritis: found to reduce edema, lower blood pressure, normalize examination of urine, shorten duration of the disease.
Li: Beneficial for prostate cancer.
Weng Weiliang, et. al.:
• Bleeding: bai mao gen could be used to treat nasal bleeding, haematemesis, hematuria and uterine bleeding. It had good effects on skin or mucous petechiae, nasal or gingival bleeding and bleeding in sputum.
• Acute glomerulonephritis, acute edema: bai mao gen 250~500g was decocted with 500~1000ml water for 10 minutes with slow fire after boiling. It had good short-term effect on acute glomerulonephritis.
• Acute or chronic infectious hepatitis: bai mao gen decoction was used to treat 200 cases of acute or chronic infectious hepatitis and had satisfactory effect. 33 cases of acute or chronic infectious hepatitis were treated with bai mao gen, xuan shen, dang gui, ren dong teng, sheng gan cao, sheng huang qi, sheng ma, tu fu ling, 25 cases were markedly effective, 6 effective, and the total effective rate was 94%.
• Upper respiratory tract infections: Qing Wen Tang No. 1 (bai mao gen, da qing ye, sang ye, lu gen, sheng shi gao, gan cao) was used to treat 40 cases of upper respiratory tract infections. It had good effects on fever, cough, nasal discharge, poor appetite, thirst, scanty and yellow urine and dry stools. 85% cases had fever allayed within 2 days.

Dose: 9-24g (to 60g when used alone)

Mao Hua: the flower
• Sweet, cold.
• Cools the blood, stops bleeding.
• Heat in the blood: epistaxis, hematemesis.
• Less effective than Bai mao gen for painful urinary dysfunction.

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