Ce Bai Ye – Biota leaf – Thuja orientalis (synonyms include Platycladus and Biota) – Leafy twig of Chinese Arborvitae – “Flat Fir Leaves”

Nature: bitter, astringent, slightly cold

Enters: Lung, Liver, Large Intestine, Heart

Actions: Eliminates phlegm; stops coughing; clears Lung heat; cools the blood; stops bleeding; promotes healing of burns.

• Bleeding: hemoptysis, epistaxis, hematemesis, hematuria, hemafecia, uterine bleeding, bleeding gums, bloody dysentery disorders. Mainly for bleeding due to heat in the blood, but, appropriately combined, this herb can be used for cold disorders as well.
• Lung heat: cough, copious phlegm. Especially important in cases of difficult-to-expectorate sputum streaked with blood.
• Topical, as a powder or ointment: psoriasis or early stages of burns over a small to moderate surface area. For psoriasis, the herb can be applied topically and taken as a decoction. It is especially effective for acute conditions.
• Topical decoction for pain.
• Dysentery: powdered Ce bai ye effectively treated 100 of 114 cases of dysentery in one study.
• Hemorrhage due to gastric or duodenal ulcer. One study showed quicker results with Ce bai ye than standard therapy.
• Alopecia: (use tincture) generates new hair, density proportional to frequency of application.
• Use the herb raw or charred.
Dose: 6-15g

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