Ba Ji Tian – Morinda root

Nature: acrid, sweet, slightly warm

Enters: Kidney, Liver

Actions: Tonifies kidney Yang (without blocking Qi); eliminates wind-damp (including in the bones); strengthens sinews and bones.

• Kidney Yang deficiency: impotence, frequent urination, infertility (male or female), irregular menses, premature ejaculation, urinary incontinence, cold and pain in the lower abdomen, weak and sore lower back, muscular atrophy.
• Kidney Yang deficiency plus attack of wind-damp: weakness or pain in the lumbar region, knees, backs of the legs; bony Bi.
• Best used for cases of Yang deficiency with cold-damp.
Hsu: Antibacterial, hypotensive, has effects resembling those of cortical hormones.
Weng Weiliang, et. al.:
Xing Yang Sheng Jing Dan (experiential formula): ba ji tian, ying yang huo, tu si zi, gou qi, yu biao jiao, testicles of goat, male silkworm moth, placenta, rou cong rong, jiu cai zi were made into pills, 10g, bid, three months as a course of treatment. 25 cases were treated, 20 were effective.
Xing Yang Chong Ji (experiential formula): chai gou shen, yin yang huo, ba ji tian, shan yu rou, chai hu, dang gui, bai shao, lu jiao jiao and gou qi were made into granules, 12g per bag, 1 bag, tid. 50 patients were treated and 43 were effective.

Dose: 6-15g

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