Notes on This Category

• These herbs are generally contraindicated in cases of hyperactive Yin deficiency fire. Most are contraindicated when an excess, exterior, or heat condition exists. Compared to the category of herbs that warm the interior, Yang tonics are mostly sweet, many slightly nourish Yin, and most are slower acting than the interior-warming herbs to activate Yang. Herbs that warm the interior may be used for excess cold, can restore collapsed Yang, are mostly hot and acrid, and mainly activate but do not so much tonify Yang.
• Yang tonics are often combined with a small amount Yin nourishing herbs to give the Yang some substance to “cook” or “cling to.” (The formula Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan is a good example of this principle, though it utilizes Interior Warming herbs [Fu Zi, Rou Gui] instead of Yang tonics.)

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