Ze Lan – Lycopus – Bugleweed – “Marsh Orchid”

Nature: acrid, bitter, slightly warm

Enters: Liver, Spleen

Actions: Promotes blood circulation (without damaging Zhen Qi), dispels blood stasis; promotes urination, relieves edema; frees the flow of liver Qi; opens the channels; unblocks the menses.

• Blood stasis: irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, abdominal pain during menses and after childbirth, masses in the abdomen, traumatic injury, abscess, pain and swelling, pain in the chest and hypochondria, carbuncles.
• Edema over the face and body, dysuria, particularly post partum.
• Postpartum painful urinary dysfunction.
• Cardiotonic effect.
• Also for prostatitis/benign prostatic hypertrophy.
• Topical: for pain and swelling, traumatic injury, abscesses.
• Very safe herb.
• In some parts of China, Pei lan (Eupatorium) is sometimes used as this herb. (Pei lan does not promote blood circulation.)
HF: An important herb in anti-Gu therapy to move Qi (xing Qi) and break accumulation (po ji).
K&R: Thyroid inhibitor, pituitary inhibitor (TSH, gonadotropins, prolactin), sympatholytic. Fire yang.
• Tachycardia and arrhythmia especially with hyperthyroidism.
• Hormonal influence to treat various prostate and ovary disorders.
RW: Antithyroid: for milder hyperthyroidism: small doses, takes 3-4 weeks for good effect (mainly helps palpitations). Use with Leonurus.

Dose: 3-15g (up to 30g topically)

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