Zao Xiu – Qi Ye Yi Shi Hua – Chong Lou – Paris Rhizome

Nature: bitter, slightly cold

Enters: Liver

Actions: Clears heat; eliminates toxicity; relieves swelling and pain; subdues liver wind to relieve convulsions; mildly moves blood.

• Heat and toxicity: snake bite, carbuncles, boils, acne.
• General herb for any kind of pain.
• Liver wind stirring: epilepsy, convulsions.
• Warm-heat pathogen: coma, convulsions.
• Blood stasis: pain after trauma (inferior to San qi for this).
• Particularly good for early stages of heat and toxicity.
• Phlebitis: zao xiu mixed with vinegar was grounded to get the juice which was applied to affected areas of phlebitis caused by injection of various anti-cancer drugs. 30 cases were treated and the effect was satisfactory.
• Uterine bleeding: zao xiu was grounded into raw powder, made into dry powder and capsulated. Each capsule contains 2g crude drug. It could be used to treat dysfunctional uterine bleeding, menorrhagia due to uterine fibroids or pelvic inflammation.
• Chronic bronchitis: zao xiu was made into tablets, 3g, bid after meals, 10 days as a course of treatment, 3 courses totally. It had satisfactory effect on chronic bronchitis.
• Chronic hepatitis B: zao xiu, wu wei zi, guan zhong, nu zhen zi, ku shen, etc., 1 dose daily, 2 months as a course of treatment. The total effective rate was 92.8%.
• Acute infections of bile system: zao xiu, bai hua she she cao, ban bian lian, jin qian cao, dan shen, 30g each; zhi shi 20g; huang lian 10g; sheng da huang 6g, with jaundice, add yin chen. The control group was treated with intravenous drip of antibiotics. Results: all indices in the treated group were significantly supeior to those of the control group.
• Stomach cancer: zao xiu 50~100g, other formula based on TCM differentiation could be combined, water decoction, 10 days as a course of treatment, 7~8 courses totally. 15 cases of stomach cancer in late stage with wide metastasis were treated, 11 cases survived more than 1 year, 4 cases more than 2 years.
• Vulvitis: zao xiu, tu fu ling, ku shen, 90g, huang bo, da huang, 45g each; long dan cao, bi xie 30g each; ku fan 15g. 1 dose daily, water decoction. The juice was used to steam and wash the private parts, tid, 30 minutes daily, 56 treated cases were all cured.

Dose: 5-10g

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