Yu Mi Xu Cornsilk – “Jade Rice Whiskers”

Nature: sweet, neutral

Enters: Bladder, Gallbladder, Liver

Actions: Promotes urination; benefits the gallbladder, alleviates jaundice.

• Hot or stony, painful urinary dysfunction or edema.
• Can be used for either yin- or yang-type jaundice (depending on the other herbs with which it is combined).
• Wasting and thirsting disorder.
• For many disorders of the biliary system. Cholagogue.
• Relatively weak and safe diuretic.
• Reduces clotting time and increases prothrombin concentration in the blood.
• Intravenous administration of the infusion has been used for its marked hypotensive effect (which is not seen with oral administration, even over long periods of time).
K&R: Diuretic (volumetric, azoturic, uricosuric, natriuric), choleretic, cholagogue, TSH inhibitor, hypocholesterolemiant, hypoglycemiant.
• Earth excess and deficiency, water excess and deficiency.
• Extracts are diuretic and are used to relieve the pain of rheumatism and gout; as a diuretic, it treats: nephritis, cardiac insufficiency, edema
• Also for obesity, high cholesterol, arterial hypertension.
• Germ oil: inhibits development of arterial plaque, strong influence on pancreatic-duodenal junction, and is used to treat hepatitis and cholecystitis.
Hall: Mucilaginous, soothing demulcent. Acts especially on the urinary tract and kidneys.
• For cystitis, burning on intercourse.
MLT: Helps dispel and expel stones.
PCBDP: Also useful for prostatitis.
Hsu: Hypotensive, hypoglycemiant, cholagogue, decreases bile viscosity – good for chronic cholecystitis and difficulty in bile secretion due to cholangitis.
• Hemostatic – increases platelet count and prothrombin.

Dose: 15-30g

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