Ma Bo – Lasiosphaera or Calvatia – Puffball mushroom

Nature: acrid, neutral

Enters: Lung

Actions: Eases the throat; stops bleeding; clears Lung heat; disperses wind-heat.

• Lung heat: swollen, painful throat, cough, aphonia; hemoptysis, epistaxis.
• Topical: for bleeding (most often in the oral cavity and lips), sores, wounds, epistaxis. Also for bleeding gums associated with frostbite.
• For hemorrhage from surgery (prostate, liver, spleen, kidneys) and trauma. In one series of 467 cases, it was successful 98% of the time.
• Can easily induce sweating and vomiting in its unprepared form. The herb should be honey-fried except when used to stop bleeding.
• Large doses can induce nausea.
• Possesses antimicrobial properties.
• Wrap in cheesecloth or a tea bag while cooking.
Hsu: Antiphlogistic, antipyretic, astringent.

Dose: 1.5-4.5g

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