Hai Jin Sha – Japanese Fern spores – Lygodium – “Sea Gold Sand”

Nature: sweet, cold

Enters: Bladder, Small Intestine

Actions: Drains dampness and heat by promoting urination.

• Damp-heat and/or stones in the lower Jiao: painful urination with blood or turbidity.
• This herb is superior for pain relief (urinary).
• Often cooked in a bag to keep from floating to the surface.
DY: Frees strangury; clears heat from the small intestine, bladder, and blood division.
• With Ji nei jin to free strangury, transform stones, and, therefore, treat stone strangury. For stone strangury and urinary lithiasis due to damp-heat. This combination can be reinforced by combining it with Jin qian cao, Hua shi, Qu mai, and Che qian zi.
• With Jin qian cao for mutual enhancement, to strongly clear heat and eliminate dampness, disinhibit urination, free strangury, and expel stones. For indications such as:
– 1. Stone and/or sand strangury, renal lithiasis, bladder lithiasis. For these indications, the combination can be enhanced by adding Ji nei jin, Che qian zi, Dong gua ren, and Qu mai.
– 2. Gallstones due to damp-heat in the gallbladder. For this indication, the combination can be reinforced by adding Yin chen hao, Yu jin, Jiang huang, Qing pi, and Hu zhang.

Dose: 6-15g

Jin Sha Teng: the herb – “Gold Sand Vine”
• Sweet, cold.
• Clears heat; promotes urination; relieves fire toxicity.
• Damp-heat: painful urinary dysfunction, especially with stones or blood.
• Painful, swollen throat or mumps.
• Bensky/Gamble: clear heat and relieve toxicity category.

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