Da Fu Pi – Betel husk – Areca peel – “Big Abdomen Peel”

Nature: acrid, slightly warm

Enters: Large Intestine, Small Intestine, Stomach, Spleen

Actions: Promotes the downward movement of Qi; reduces stagnation; expels dampness; promotes urination, reduces edema.

• Food stagnation, Qi obstruction: epigastric and abdominal distention, regurgitation of food, belching with acid regurgitation. Especially useful when these disorders are accompanied by constipation.
• Damp stagnation in the stomach and intestines.
• Abdominal distention with edema, especially superficial edema, or the symptoms of food stagnation. Also for damp leg qi.
• Strengthens the contractions and tension of the intestines.

Dose: 6-9g

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