Cong Bai – Scallion – Spring Onion (white part with root)

Nature: acrid, warm

Enters: Lung, Stomach

Actions: Mildly releases the exterior by promoting sweats; disperses cold and activates Yang; eliminates toxicity, dissolves swellings; conducts Yang to the surface.

• Mild wind-cold EPI : especially in the very early stage (often with Dan dou chi).
• Excess cold keeping the Yang on the surface of the body: diarrhea, cold extremities, feeble pulse, abdominal pain and distention, nasal congestion.
• Sores, abscesses, mastitis (often applied externally as a poultice).
• Combining with honey can upset the stomach.
• When decocting, cook only for a short time.
• When there is floating Yang due to deficiency, the use of Cong bai alone could make it collapse – this must be treated with Yang tonics or herbs which warm the interior (e.g. Fu zi, Gan jiang).
DY: Guides the action of other herbs to the Lung channel.

Dose: 2-5 pieces

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