Bian Dou – Bai Bian Dou – Dolichos – Hyacinth bean – Lablab album – “Flat Bean”

Nature: sweet, slightly warm

Enters: Spleen, Stomach

Actions: Resolves dampness; clears summer-heat; mildly tonifies spleen Qi.

• Spleen Qi deficiency: loose stool or diarrhea, poor appetite, fatigue, copious leukorrhea, loud stomach growling.
• Summer-heat: especially with vomiting, diarrhea.
• Can tonify spleen Qi without blocking the Qi.
• Can resolve damp without damaging Yin.
• Use dry-fried to strengthen the spleen, untreated to clear summer-heat.
• Some say this herb can nourish spleen Yin.
• Bensky/Gamble: clear summer-heat category.
MLT: Must be cooked – uncooked, it can inhibit the enzymes trypsin and amylase (this effect is significantly but not completely resolved by cooking).
• Eat 50g boiled each day for gastroenteritis.

Dose: 9-21g

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