Bai Wei – Cynanchum root – Swallowwort

Nature: bitter, salty, cold

Enters: Stomach, Liver, Lung, Kidney

Actions: Clears heat; cools the blood; promotes urination; eliminates toxicity.

Ying or Xue level heat, or Yin deficiency, or blood deficiency (especially postpartum or after a febrile disease): fever.
• Heat in the blood: painful, hot or bloody urination. Especially before or after giving birth.
• Heat and toxicity: carbuncles, swollen, painful throat, snake bite, toxic sores. Can be used internally or applied topically for these indications.
• Some say this herb can conduct heat in the blood out of the vessels.
• Bensky/Gamble classifies Bei wei with herbs that clear heat and cool the blood.
MLT: Important in gynecological problems: postpartum inflammation, septicemia and/or accompanying restlessness.
• Urinary tract infection caused by Yin deficiency (use with Ren shen and Dan zhu ye).

Dose: 6-15g

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