Bai Hua She – Agkistrodon Snake or Bungarus Snake – “White-Patterned Snake”

Nature: sweet, salty, warm

Enters: Liver, Spleen

Actions: Eliminates internal and external wind; activates the collaterals; relieves convulsions; powerfully unblocks the channels.

• Wind-related disorders:
• Wind-damp: Bi syndrome, numbness and weakness of the limbs, cramping of the sinews.
• Wind-stroke: facial paralysis, hemiplegia.
• Wind in the skin: itching, tinea, numbness of the skin, any kind of rash.
• Liver wind stirring: infant convulsions and tetanus.
• Wind in the sinews: spasms, tremors, seizures.
• Doctrine of signatures: the movement and pervasiveness of a snake: can go anywhere, deep or superficial, even to the bones, to eliminate wind.
Hsu: Tranquilizer, hypotensive.

Dose: 3-10g (1-1.5g directly as powder)

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