Zi Hua Di Ding – Viola yedoensis – Violet – “Purple Flower Earth Spike”

Nature: bitter, acrid, cold

Enters: Liver, Heart

Actions: Clears heat; eliminates toxicity; clears hot sores.

• Heat-toxicity: inflammation, swelling – erysipelas, boils, mastitis, appendicitis, mumps, other hot swellings; red, swollen eyes; swollen, painful throat and ears. Especially useful for boils. Weaker than Pu gong ying for mastitis.
• Hot sores and abscesses – especially of the head and back. Used internally and topically (usually fresh).
• Snake bite: chew and apply topically.
MLT: Softens lumps, including cancer.
• As a syrup: use as an expectorant and to ease sore throats.

Dose: 9-15g
Western Species: It has not been clearly established as to which of the Western species – Viola odorata (Sweet Violet) or V. tricolor (Wild Pansy) – is most similar to the Chinese species, and to what degree.
Hall: (V. odorata) Its root system resembles chains of lymph nodes: clears lymph blockage, lymph cancer (throat), lymph stasis, blood-component changes.
• This herb is a symbol of death of one kind and rebirth in a different dimension.
RW: (V. odorata) Expectorant: chronic bronchitis.
(V. tricolor) Skin conditions: Excellent results with eczema in infants, milk crust and other chronic skin complaints. In adults, chronic eczema will at times respond very well. However, it is necessary to take it for a long time.
• Topical: gauze soaked in the tea can be used for skin complaints, including for tuberculous skin conditions.
K&R: (V. tricolor) Wood yang, metal yin.
Diuretic (volumetric), laxative, depurative, diaphoretic, anticoagulant, antipruritic; tonic to the venous system; anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties.
• Skin problems (juvenile acne, herpes, hives, eczematous varicose ulcers, chronic psoriasis, eczema).
• Hemorrhoids, phlebitis, constipation.
• Arthritis, rheumatism with oliguria.

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