Yi Zhi Ren – Black Cardamom – Alpinia oxyphylla – Bitter-seeded Cardamom – “Benefit Intelligence Nut”

Nature: acrid, warm

Enters: Spleen, Kidney

Actions: Warms the spleen, stops diarrhea, promotes food intake for the stomach; controls saliva (spleen and kidney Qi); warms the kidneys to control urine and Jing.

• Spleen and kidney cold and Yang deficiency: vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain.
• Middle Jiao Qi deficiency: poor appetite, copious saliva (not for excess salivation due to heat forcing out fluid).
• Kidney Yang deficiency: seminal emission, frequent and copious urination, urinary incontinence, dribbling.
• Cold entering the spleen and kidneys: abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea.
• Excessive saliva and thick, unpleasant taste in the mouth: Yi zhi ren is better for cold conditions while Pei lan is better for hot conditions.
Yi zhi ren’s spleen-warming properties are more pronounced than its kidney-tonifying qualities. The opposite is the case with Bu gu zhi.
• Crush before use.
Hsu: Stomachic, antidiuretic, inhibits salivation.
DY: With Fu ling to fortify the spleen, secure the kidneys, reduce urination, and stop diarrhea. For indications such as:
– 1. Strangury with chyluria, milky, turbid urine, and dysuria due to deficiency cold in the kidneys or kidney Qi not securing with imbalance in the function of transformation of the bladder. (Use salt mix-fried Yi zhi ren)
– 2. Diarrhea due to deficiency cold of the spleen and kidneys. Particularly watery diarrhea. Use Yi zhi ren which has been stir-fried until scorched.

Dose: 3-9g

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