Xiong Huang – Realgar – Arsenic Sulfide – “Male Yellow”

Nature: acrid, bitter, warm, toxic

Enters: Heart, Liver, Stomach

Topical Actions: Eliminates toxicity; kills parasites.

Topical Indications:
• Carbuncles, snake bites, scabies, ringworm, damp rashes, abscesses, suppurative inflammation of the soft tissue, ulcerations.
• Very commonly used in soaks for any skin itching.
• As a paste for neurodermatitis/shingles.
• Because it is absorbed through the skin, the herb should not be applied to large areas.

Internal Actions: Kills worms; dries dampness; expels phlegm; checks malarial conditions.

Internal Indications:
• Worm parasitism in the intestines: pain – especially for roundworms, and particularly with signs of accumulation.
• Dampness/phlegm accumulation: wheezing; seizures; malarial conditions.
• Do not calcine. Calcination produces the extremely toxic As2O3.

Internal Dose: 0.15-0.6g in pills and powders

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