Su Mu – Sappan wood – Caesalpinia sappan

Nature: sweet, salty, slightly acrid, neutral

Enters: Liver, Heart, Spleen

Actions: Promotes blood circulation; dispels blood stasis from the channels; relieves pain; reduces swelling; stops bleeding.

• Blood stasis: amenorrhea, abdominal pain after childbirth, pain and swelling of traumatic injury – falls, fractures, contusions, sprains.
• Excessive post-partum bleeding with dizziness, vertigo, and shortness of breath.
• Similar to Hong hua but not often used – usually for fractures and sprains.
• Antibiotic: particularly against staph, salmonella.
• Contraindicated in pregnancy.
Hsu: Analgesic; inhibitory effect on the CNS; tranquilizer – a small dose can induce sleep; shortens blood coagulation time.

Dose: 3-10g

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