Shi Liu Pi – Pomegranate rind

Nature: sour, astringent, warm, slightly toxic

Enters: Stomach, Large Intestine, Kidney

Actions: Astringes the large intestine, stops diarrhea; kills parasites; stabilizes the kidneys, controls Jing.

• Chronic diarrhea or chronic dysentery (not for acute), rectal prolapse.
• Abdominal pain due to rouundworms (only when worms give rise to chronic diarrhea) – not strong as Shi jun zi.
• Roundworms, tapeworms, topical for ringworm.
• Kidney instability: spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation, excessive uterine bleeding, vaginal discharge.
• Amebic dysentery.
• Not for early stages of diarrhea.
• Should not be taken with oils or fats, in order to prevent absorption of toxin into the system.
• Use charred to stop bleeding.

Dose: 3-9g

Shi Liu Gen Pi: the root bark
• Much stronger at killing parasites, especially tapeworms and roundworms, than Shi liu pi.
JC: (various parts, especially the root bark) Anthelmintic (taeniafuge, vermifuge), astringent, refrigerant, antibilious, anticancerous.
• Use the rind for sore throat.
Yoga: Dadima: (rind, root bark, fruit)
• Sweet variety: VPK=
• The sour variety may aggravate Pitta. The sweet variety may increase Ama.
• The rind is anti-inflammatory to the mucus membranes.
• Use as a douche for leukorrhea.
• Topical (paste) for sores, ulcers, hemorrhoids.
• All parts are stomachic, anthelmintic, especially the root bark.
Hsu: Antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal.

Dose: 1.5-9g

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