Notes on This Category

• Also consider, as appropriate, these herbs from other categories which also moisten the intestines:

Bai Zi Ren [Calm Shen], Dang Gui [Nourish Blood], Dong Kui Zi [Drain Damp], Feng Mi  [Tonify Qi], Gua Lou Ren [Resolve Phlegm-Heat], He Shou Wu [Nourish Blood], Hei Zhi Ma [Nourish Yin], Hu Tao Ren [Tonify Yang], Jue Ming Zi [Subdue Lv/Exting Wind], Lu Hui [Purge to Eliminate Pathogens], Mai Men Dong [Nourish Yin], Mang Xiao [Purge to Eliminate Pathogens], Niu Bang Zi [Acrid, Cool], Qin Jiao [Dispel Wind-Damp], Rou Cong Rong [Tonify Yang], Sang Shen  [Nourish Yin], Su Zi [Stop Cough], Suo Yang [Tonify Yang], Tao Ren [Promote Blood Circulation], Xing Ren [Stop Cough], Zi Cao [Clear Heat/Cool Blood].
• In addition, consider herbs that generate body fluids, herbs that moisten the Lungs, herbs that nourish Yin and Blood, herbs that mobilize stagnant Qi and blood, and, when appropriate, herbs that purge accumulation.

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