Nan Gua Zi – Pumpkin seed (with husk) – “Southern Melon Seeds”

Nature: sweet, neutral

Enters: Stomach, Large Intestine

Actions: Kills parasites (tapeworms [paralyzes the mid-section and tail], roundworms, schistosomes); benefits postpartum fluid metabolism.


• Tapeworms: take 60g (to 120g) powdered pumpkin seed with water. 2 hours later, take a decoction of 60-120g Bing lang. 30 minutes later, take 15g Mang xiao (uncooked) with water.
• Postpartum fluid metabolism dysfunction: swelling of hands and feet, also insufficient lactation.
Michael & Leslie Tierra: Effective for benign prostatic hypertrophy.
John Christopher: Anthelmintic (taeniafuge, vermifuge) [roundworms and tapeworms],
diuretic, nutritive; also for renal problems (urinary).
IBIS: Vermifuge, diuretic, nutritive.
• Dosage of raw seeds: 200-400 g (Weiss, p. 120).
• Therapy: parasites, nausea, motion sickness, benign prostatic hypertrophy.

Dose: 30-60 grams

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