Ming Fan – Bai Fan – Alum – Basic Potassium Aluminum Sulfate – also Ku Fan, the prepared form

Nature: sour, cold

Enters: Lung, Liver, Spleen, Stomach, Large Intestine.

Topical Actions: Eliminates toxicity; kills parasites; dries dampness; eases itching; stops bleeding.

Topical Indications:

• As a wash for scabies, ringworm, carbuncles, damp/damp-heat rashes – eczema.
• Bleeding: epistaxis, hemorrhoidal bleeding, bleeding gums, bleeding due to external injury.
• Swollen and painful throat or eyes.
• Ear drops for chronic otitis media.
• For external use, Ku fan (the prepared form) is preferred for sores and abscesses, oral sores, eye problems.

Topical Dose: 15-30g

Internal Actions:  Stops bleeding and diarrhea; clears heat and phlegm; dried dampness.

Internal Indications:

• Hematemesis, epistaxis, hemafecia, chronic diarrhea, uterine bleeding, vaginal discharge. Ulcerative colitis.
• Jaundice.
• Wind-phlegm/phlegm-heat: epilepsy, irritability, delirium, depression, mania, cough with difficult-to-expectorate sputum.
• Ming fan has a strong stimulatory effect on the body’s tissues. Overdose can cause ulceration, vomiting, diarrhea, shock.
• The cumulative effect of long term ingestion of aluminum may not be healthy (Alzheimer’s?).
• Crush before using.

Internal Dose: 0.6-3g

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