Kuan Dong Hua – Coltsfoot flower – Tussilago – “Welcome Winter Flower”

Nature: acrid, warm

Enters: Lung

Actions: Descends (and disperses) Lung Qi; moistens the Lungs; resolves phlegm; stops coughing.

• A key herb for many types of cough. Can be used alone for damp-phlegm or cold-phlegm. For phlegm-heat, combine with cool herbs.
• Fry in honey to enhance its ability to moisten the Lungs.
• Often combined with Zi wan since Zi wan is superior for resolving phlegm while Kuan dong hua is superior for stopping coughs.
K&R: Emollient, expectorant, antitussive, vagolytic, slightly diaphoretic and tonic.
• Metal yin: cough, acute bronchitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, lymphadenitis, postinfectious fatigue, emphysema, silicosis.
• Contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids – may damage the liver with excessive use.
RW: The combination of its bitter and mucilaginous qualities gives it expectorant/demulcent plus tonic properties.
• The choice remedy in chronic respiratory problems, especially chronic emphysema and silicosis: have a cup of the tea immediately upon waking, while still in bed.
• Reports of carcinogenicity may be disregarded if the herb used properly.
MLT: Pertussis.
PCBDP: Recent research: anti-inflammatory, immunostimulant, demulcent, antispasmodic.
MW: Good for deteriorating respiratory conditions, “incurables” – e.g. emphysema.
• Also for sore feet with respiratory conditions.
• Alcohol extracts its alkaloids – therefore, always take it as a tea rather than as a tincture.

Dose: 1.5-9g

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