Hu Jiao – Black Pepper – “Barbarian Pepper”

Nature: acrid, hot

Enters: Large Intestine, Stomach

Actions: Warms the middle; disperses cold; alleviates pain.

• Stomach cold: vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain.
• Diarrhea (chronic, non-infectious studied) – can be used orally or applied to the navel in a plaster.
• Nephritis: In one study, 10 patients were given two steamed eggs daily into which Hu jiao was placed prior to steaming. All but one patient (who had nephritis for 10 years) were cured.
• A large dose can be used for pain associated with malignancies.
• When prescribed in large doses (up to 30g), it must be cooked at least 2 hours.
• Contains piperine – used as a carrier to increase absorption of other substances through digestive tract (e.g., curcumin) and slow metabolism of certain drugs.
Yoga: Marich: The Sun, named because it contains large amounts of solar energy. Pungent/heating/pungent; K, V-; P+
• Stimulant, expectorant, carminative, febrifuge, anthelmintic.
• Chronic indigestion, toxins in the colon, degenerated metabolism, obesity, sinus congestion, fever, intermittent fever, cold extremities.
• Take nasally in ghee for sinus congestion, headache, seizures.
• Burns up Ama; energizes Agni.
• Good antidote for cold/raw food.
• With honey it is a powerful expectorant and mucus cleanser, dries up secretions.
• Excessive amounts can be an irritant – it is Rajasic in nature.

Dose: 1.5-4.5g

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