Hai Piao Xiao – Cuttlefish bone

Nature: salty, astringent, slightly warm

Enters: Liver, Kidney, Stomach

Actions: Stops bleeding and leukorrhea; controls Jing; neutralizes acid, relieves pain; promotes tissue regeneration; resolves dampness; stops diarrhea.

• Bleeding: uterine bleeding, hematemesis, hemoptysis, bleeding from trauma; especially useful for bleeding from deficiency patterns.
• Kidney deficiency: nocturnal emission, leukorrhea, spermatorrhea.
• Acid reflux, epigastric pain, peptic ulcer, foul burps (take uncooked powder).
• Deficiency: chronic diarrhea or dysentery with pain around the navel.
• With rice wine for malaria.
• Topical: chronic, non-healing skin ulcers, damp rashes of long duration, eczema.
• Topical: for bleeding (may be mixed with starch). In tooth extraction, epistaxis, and surgery – is a more effective hemostatic than either plain sponges or gelatin sponges.
Dose: 4.5-12g

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