Hai Feng Teng – Kadsura stem – Piper futokadsura – “Sea Wind Vine”

Nature: acrid, bitter, slightly warm

Enters: Liver

Actions: Eliminates wind-dampness; dispels obstructions from the channels and collaterals; disperses cold, relieves pain.

• Wind-damp: Bi syndrome with limited movement of joints, spasm of tendons, stiff joints, lower back pain, cramping of the muscles and sinews, sore knees.
• Pain due to trauma.
• Cold invading the spleen and stomach: epigastric and abdominal pain and diarrhea.
• Can be used for pain in either the upper or lower body.
• Some anti-neoplastic effects.
Hsu: Analgesic.

Dose: 6-15g

One comment on “Hai Feng Teng – Kadsura stem – Piper futokadsura – “Sea Wind Vine”

  1. Samuel Olatayo says:

    Glad to have came across this page. for the past 2 years I have been practicing the use of plant and herbs to with the family and the above is what I have been looking for. This lovely page also did explained what its does as in the book.


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