Gu Ya – Rice sprout – Oryza

Nature: sweet, neutral

Enters: Spleen, Stomach

Actions: Promotes digestion (mainly of starch); adjusts the middle Jiao; slightly tonifies the spleen and stomach; promotes the appetite.

• Food retention, including when due to spleen or stomach deficiency: indigestion – especially with accumulation of undigested starchy foods (contains amylase). Also appropriate in cases of hot food stagnation.
• Spleen or stomach deficiency: poor appetite, weak digestion.
• Will not damage stomach Qi – very safe.
• The raw form is mainly used to aid digestion.
• The dry-fried form is stronger at tonifying the stomach and spleen.
• This herb’s potency is greatly diminished by cooking or prolonged toasting. It is best taken powdered and added to a prepared decoction.

Dose: 9-15g

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