Gu Sui Bu – Drynaria rhizome – “Mender of Shattered Bones”

Nature: bitter, warm

Enters: Kidney, Liver

Actions: Promotes bone and sinew regeneration; promotes blood circulation; tonifies the kidneys; stop bleeding; stimulates hair growth.

• Kidney deficiency: lumbar pain, weak feet, lumbar region, knees, tinnitus, poor hearing, toothache, bleeding gums, chronic diarrhea.
• Traumatic injury: falls, fractures, contusions, sprains. Especially good for ligamentous injuries and simple fractures (use internally and externally). Also used to help regain strength during the convalescent phase following injuries.
• Topical (tincture): for hair loss/alopecia, corns, warts (soak 100g herb in 1 L white rice wine for at least a week).
• Stronger than Xu duan at promoting blood circulation, but weaker at tonifying the liver and kidneys.
• Treats adverse effects of streptomycin in patients with a sensitivity to it: headache, dizziness, numbness of the tongue, tinnitus, hearing loss.

Dose: 6-18g

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