Dong Gua Ren – Benincasa seed – Winter Melon seed – Wax Gourd seed

Nature: sweet, slightly cold

Enters: Lung, Large Intestine, Stomach, Small Intestine

Actions: Clears heat; expels phlegm; promotes discharge of pus; promotes urination; drains dampness.

• Heat in the Lungs or intestines: expectoration of thick, yellow sputum, etc.
• Damp-heat with phlegm obstruction in the upper or lower Jiao: intestinal abscess, Lung abscess – when the patient is exhausted easily, scar tissue surrounds the abscess and antibiotics cannot get through.
• Especially useful in the treatment of damp-heat vaginal discharge.
• Topical: grind and use the powder as sunscreen.

Dose: 3-12g

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