Di Yu – Sanguisorba root – Burnet-bloodwort root

Nature: bitter, sour, slightly cold

Enters: Liver, Stomach, Large Intestine

Actions: Stops bleeding; cools the blood; reduces fire; eliminates toxicity; promotes healing of non-healing skin ulcers; clears heat, generates flesh, reduces oozing.

• Heat in the blood: hemoptysis, hemafecia, hematuria, epistaxis, hematemesis, bleeding hemorrhoids, uterine bleeding, bloody dysenteric disorders.
• Topically (sometimes calcined): burns, sores, ulcers, injuries, eczema. May be powdered and mixed with sesame oil.
• Especially good for bleeding in the lower Jiao due to damp-heat.
• Broad spectrum antimicrobial.
• Reduces seepage, infection rate, mortality, and healing time of burns.
• One study showed significant benefit in eczema (using 30% roasted herb in petroleum jelly).
• Use charred to stop bleeding.
Weng Weiliang, et. al.:
• Primary thrombopenic purpura: Qing Huo Xiao Yu Tang: sheng di, shui niu jiao, bai mao gen, sheng shi gao, 30g each; di yu, dan pi, chi shao, dang gui, 12g each; xian he cao 20g; tu da huang 15g; gan cao 10g. The formula was used to treat primary thrombopenic purpura of Blood Heat type. The other type was treated with another formula. 1 dose every day, water decoction, for 1~3 months. 32 cases were treated, 14 markedly effective, 11 effective, 6 improved and 1 ineffective.
• Nephritis due to purpura: 110 cases of nephritis due to purpura were treated with yu mi xu 30g; bai mao gen, xian he cao, 20g each; zi cao 12g; parched di yu, qian cao, dan pi, 9g each; shi wei, sheng di, huang qi, 15g each; san qi powder 3g (taken with water). 1 dose every day, water decoction. After 30~60 doses, all cases were cured and no recurrence was reported.
• Hemorrhage of the upper digestive tract: Di yu was used in various formulas for the treatment of hemorrhage of the upper digestive tract, and it had good effect.
• Necrotic enteritis: Bai tou weng, bai jiang cao, 15g each; da huang 10g; huai hua 12g; zhi shi, dan shen, bai shao, hou po, 9g each; pu gong ying 25g; di yu, huang lian, huang qin, 6g each; hong hua 3g. 1 dose every day, water decoction. The formula was used to treat 23 cases of necrotic enteritis, 20 were cured and 3 ineffective.
• Dysfunctional uterine bleeding: Chao di yu, shu di, huang qi, dang shen, 30g each; chao bai zhu, dang gui, 15g each; pao jiang, e jiao (melted), 10g each; sheng ma 6g. 1 dose every day, water decoction. After 3~9 doses, all treated 32 cases were cured.
• Skin diseases: Charred di yu powder and vaseline were made into 30% ointment for external application to treat skin diseases such as eczema and ringworm of the feet, etc.. 109 cases were treated, and 47 cured, 50 markedly effective or effective.

Dose: 6-12g

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