Dan Dou Chi – Prepared Soybean

Nature: acrid, sweet, slightly bitter, cold

Enters: Lung, Stomach

Actions: Relieves exterior syndromes; relieves restlessness; clears heat.

• Wind-heat or wind-cold: fever, aversion to cold, headache (can be used for either hot or cold invasion, usually for early stage).
• Febrile disease causing stagnant heat in the chest: restlessness, insomnia, irritability, stifling sensation in the chest (Dan dou chi also reaches the heart) – combine with Zhi zi.
• Because of its mild character, is also appropriate for Yin deficiency with a superimposed exterior disorder.
• Is treated either with Ma huang or Zi su ye (more warming effect) or Sang ye or Qing hao (more cooling effect).
MLT: Good for kids (ok taste, nutritive).
• This and all soybeans contain genistein – occupies estrogen binding sites and seems to inhibit development of estrogen-sensitive tumors.
DY: Promotes perspiration; diffuses and out-thrusts external evils from the exterior.
• With Zhi zi, the two herbs unite to form the clearing and diffusing and out-thrusting method to eliminate evils from the exterior and interior. Together, they effectively promote perspiration, drain evils from the exterior, clear and out-thrust heat from the interior, and eliminate vexation due to full heat. For indications such as:
– 1. Vexation and agitation, insomnia, and irritability during or after a warm disease. (Zhi Zi Chi Tang) Use stir-fried Dan dou chi.
– 2. External contraction of wind-heat or a febrile disease.
Qing dou chi is cold, and clears heat and eliminates vexation
Wen dou chi is warm and is superior for resolving the exterior and promoting diaphoresis. Although it is warm in nature, it is used in and preferred for wind-heat affections.

Dose: 9-15g

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