Da Qing Ye – Isatis leaf or Baphicacanthus or Clerodendron or Polygonum tinctorium – “Big Bluegreen Leaf”

Nature: bitter, very cold

Enters: Heart, Lung, Stomach

Actions: Cools the blood, relieves skin eruptions; clears heat; eliminates toxicity.

• Any warm-febrile disease or epidemic febrile outbreak.. Especially for epidemic toxin or any severe febrile disease that affects people regardless of their constitution, such as severe contagious disease.
• Heat and toxicity in the blood: swollen and painful throat, erysipelas, mouth ulcers.
Xue level heat and toxicity: coma, skin eruptions, high fever, restlessness.
• Heat in the blood: skin blotches, rashes, and other skin eruptions. Often used in cases with intense fever, irritability, and changes in consciousness.
• May be used for fire-toxicity anywhere in the body, especially the throat and Lungs.
• Very effective in treatment of encephalitis B; commonly used for meningitis.
• Acute dysentery, gastroenteritis.
• Antiviral, antimicrobial.
• Caution with spleen/stomach cold from deficiency.
SD: May help antidote lead poisoning.

Dose: 9-30g

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