Che Qian Zi – Plantago seed – “Before the Cart Seeds”

Nature: sweet, cold

Enters: Kidney, Liver, Lung, Bladder

Actions: Drains dampness and harmful body fluid by promoting urination (without damaging Yin); clears heat from the liver; brightens the eyes (mildly nourishes Yin); clears heat and resolves phlegm from the Lungs (mild); stops coughing; normalizes malpositioned fetus (at 8 months); mildly nourishes Jing; solidifies the stool (by promoting urination).

• Bladder damp-heat: scanty urination, painful urination, edema.
• Liver heat: red, painful, swollen eyes, photosensitivity.
• Liver and kidney Yin deficiency: blurry vision, cataracts, dry eyes.
• Summer-heat with dampness: diarrhea.
• Can be used alone for any diarrhea (usually does not address the root).
• Scanty milk after childbirth.
• Female infertility: strengthens the Jing of kidneys and liver.
• Lung heat: cough with copious sputum.
• Injection into joint spaces has the effect of tightening overly lax joint capsules. This effect has been used clinically in treating recurring dislocation of the temporomandibular joint.
• In one study, in which Che qian zi was used in treating 68 cases of malpositioned fetus diagnosed at eight months, 90% of the subjects had a normal presentation at birth.
• Often put into a bag for cooking, to keep it from floating or passing through the strainer.
• Often dry-fried when used to promote urination.
• Often fried in wine when used for kidney deficiency.
Hsu: Antitussive, expectorant.

Dose: 4.5-9g

Che Qian Cao: entire plant
• Sweet, cold.
• Not as effective as the seed in promoting urination, but more effective at clearing heat and it also eliminates toxicity.
• Used internally and topically in the treatment of abscesses and swellings.

Dose: 9-30g

K&R: (various parts of the plant): Astringent, diuretic, sympathomimetic, pituitary stimulant.
• Wood excess, wood deficiency, earth deficiency, metal deficiency.
• Inflammation of the kidneys, gonorrhea, associated low back pain, eye diseases, Lung Yang deficiency, bronchitis, laryngitis.
Wood: conjunctivitis, allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, allergic eye conditions.
Metal: emaciation, retarded development, bronchitis, laryngitis, tuberculosis, constipation, chronic diarrhea, leukorrhea, eczema, acne.
Earth: strengthens stomach and upper digestive functions; for malnutrition, retarded development, nephrotic syndromes.
JC: (root, leaves, flower spikes, seeds of Plantago major or P. lanceolata)
• Alterative, depurant, diuretic, emollient, mildly astringent, refrigerant, deobstruent, antiseptic, vulnerary, antivenomous, styptic, antisyphilitic, anthelmintic (vermicide).
• The roots and leaves have moderately diffuse and stimulating alterative effects on the circulatory system. They also assist the glandular system, healing lymph and epidermal areas in scrofulous and skin diseases.
• Excellent for kidney and bladder disorders.
• An effective remedy for poisonous bites and stings.
• The best herb for blood poisoning: reduces swelling and heals limbs where amputation seems imminent.
• Eases pain and heals the lower intestinal tract.
• Diarrhea, glandular swellings, hemorrhoids, piles, kidney and bladder disorders, lumbar pain, scanty urine, enuresis, edema, scrofula, syphilis, thrush.
• Douche for leukorrhea, menorrhagia.
• Topical: for bleeding, use as a poultice and drink. Use as a wash for malignant or bleeding ulcers, toothache, burns, scalds, erysipelas, inflamed eyes. Wash with a strong infusion for itching, ringworm, old wounds.

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