Zi He Che – Human Placenta – “Purple River Vehicle”

Nature: sweet, salty, warm

Enters: Lung, Liver, Kidney

Actions: Nourishes blood; tonifies Qi; tonifies the kidneys and liver, nourishes Jing; promotes lactation.

• Kidney Qi and Jing deficiency: infertility, impotence, seminal emission, soreness in the lumber region, dizziness, tinnitus, lightheadedness.
• Qi and blood deficiency (especially postpartum): thin muscles, pallor, scanty lactation.
• Lung and kidney Qi deficiency: asthma/wheezing (especially useful between acute attacks); consumption with night sweats, emaciation, debility, chronic wheezing and cough.
• Unremitting seizure disorders.
• Cancer with severe anemia: use fresh placenta with Huang qi and Dang gui.
• May enhance immune function: HIV, TB.
• Used for bleeding from factor XIII deficiency.
• Enhances wound healing.
• May be of benefit in COPD.
• Cooler and weaker at nourishing Jing than Lu rong, but stronger at nourishing blood.
• Placenta from China is usually from animals. Also is usually bleached. Dried placenta is normally dark red, since it’s full of blood. If collected from women, should be sure any potential blood-borne pathogens are killed.
Hsu: Anti-infectious: increases the body’s immune resistance, anti-allergic actions, contains a substance which acts as an antibody against measles, influenza.
• Inhibits precipitation of fat in the liver.
• Stimulates the testes, stimulates production of chorionic hormones, stimulates production of female sex hormones, including for pregnancy.

Dose: 1.5-4.5g

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