Zhu Sha – Cinnabar – Mercuric Sulfide – “Vermillion Sand”

Nature: sweet, cold, toxic

Enters: Heart

Actions: Anchors and quiets the Shen; clears heat and eliminates toxicity from the heart; sedates the heart; prevents putrefaction; expels phlegm and clears heat.

• Shen disturbance / hyperactive fire in the heart: insomnia, hot sensation in the chest, palpitations, restlessness, anxiety, convulsions. Depending on the herbs with which it is combined, it can be used for treating patterns of heat excess, phlegm-heat, or blood deficiency.
• Heat and toxicity: carbuncles.
• Topical: mouth sores, sore throat, snake bite, carbuncles.
• Wind-phlegm dizziness and Lung heat
• Especially indicated in cases resulting from fright and anxiety.
• Antiseptic
• Use only the recommended dosage, take for a short time.
• Contraindicated in patients with a Western diagnosis of liver or kidney disease.
• To avoid mercury poisoning, DO NOT HEAT this herb.
Jin: Can substitute Hu po when Zhu sha is unavailable or inappropriate. [Or illegal]
Liu: Temporary use of appropriate dose when indicated is harmless.
Li: “[When overused] this herb makes people stupid.”

Dose: 0.3-2.7g (directly as powder or pill, or added to strained decoction)

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