Ye Ju Hua – Wild Chrysanthemum flower

Nature: acrid, bitter, slightly cold

Enters: Lung, Liver

Actions: Drains fire; relieves toxicity.

• Heat and toxicity: furuncles, carbuncles, sores, sore swollen throat.
• Wind-fire: red eyes.
• Topical: for chronic cervicitis.
• Hypertension: used either alone as an infusion or with Pu gong ying and Jin yin hua in a decoction.
• Antibiotic effects.
• Lowers blood pressure: the flower alone is less toxic and more effective than the entire plant.
• Helps prevent common cold.
• In patients with acute bronchitis, Ye ju hua reduces the number of acute attacks.
MLT: More detoxifying than Ju hua.
• Use internally or externally for all inflammations.
• Compared to Ju Hua, this flower is tiny.
• May be very similar to (Western) Feverfew.

Dose: 6-15g

2 comments on “Ye Ju Hua – Wild Chrysanthemum flower

  1. Lee Wyland says:

    How do you take Ye Ju Hua? Should it be made into a tea or mixed in foods?

    • Peter Borten says:

      Traditionally, it’s made into a tea (you could infuse it in boiled water, removed from heat, for 15 minutes, then strain) and usually in combination with other herbs in a formula that’s appropriate to the diagnosis.

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